How To Prevent Creative Burnout – Kato Wong

In this week’s episode, I speak to ex-doctor and artist, Kato Wong. We speak about his journey and what led him to leave medicine and focus on creativity.  Kato talks about his recent virtual art exhibition and how he has adapted to working in the pandemic. Kato is an old friend and it’s always inspiring to speak to him. 

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About Kato:

Kato is a film director, actor, musician, fine artist and former medical doctor.

His work explores the tensions between things: the spoken and unspoken, the visible and the invisible, the intellectual and emotional.

He has worked as an artist and film director for a wide array of institutions, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Arts Council, University College London, the Soho House Group, Creative United and Blain Southern Gallery.

He is also an experienced coach and public speaker, lecturing on the subjects of creativity, career change and meditation.


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